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Kaygısız Metal

İn 1992, International firms and SCRAP METAL industry experienced staff, CAREFREE products TRADE. A proven quality.
As of 1998, with the LIGHT-HEARTED METAL trade.LTD. STI. As our aim is to "provide continuity of quality" is to give the customer"s business value. 
Customer satisfaction is always aiming for LIGHT-HEARTED METAL trade. Ltd. STI., giving assurance of guarantee all jobs, the next activity is reliable and stable structure adopted in life without compromising the permanent services will continue.



Kaygısız Recycling

The process of re-evaluation of the process of recycling the transformation of businesses to provide their products and the company remained dormant in the conversion process that can provide the maximum benefit acts as a main objective to implement the working conditions.

Participate in recycling by providing any kind of product ekonomosine gain them, to put the country"s economic and financial growth.

Greener and more livable world for our children to leave a bright future in the name of the method of recycling raw materials, to ensure the protection of natural beauties.



Kaygısız Logistics

Founded in 2009, is the CAREFREE LOGISTICS;

Customer demands with logistics and supply chain flexible structure always has been an important part of our company, aimed at growth every year in our country, in terms of logistics supplier of the most popular companies, broadening its customer and continuous. The concept of "high quality" for all services that do not compromise the CAREFREE LOGISTICS of hazardous waste, batteries and waste oil need to transporting waste transportation industry, taking the licenses. The law reaches the amount sufficient to rectify, in accordance with the regulation on the control of hazardous waste Waste licensed vehicles are sent for recycling or disposal facility off. Hazardous waste must be moved to not harm the environment and human health. Move operation, but this topic has received a license to transport hazardous waste companies and can be done with tools designed for. CAREFREE LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION IMP. IHR. LTD. STI. as our special training about hazardous waste transport, and licensed vehicles with hazardous waste Transport service.

Transport Service for existing licences;

•Waste oil-carrying vehicle license certificate
•License Certificate For Vehicles Carrying Hazardous Waste